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Our Services

A firm of solicitors offering advice and professional services dealing with the following matters:

Immigration & Nationality

Extension, Student Application, Spouse Application, Indefinite Leave to Remain, Long Residence, Entry Clearance, British Citizenship and Judicial Reviews, Tier 1, Tier 2 , Tier 4 (etc.), application for over stayers, human rights, fresh applications. Nationality, registration, Passport Applications.

Visit Visa

Assisting clients in making Entry Clearance applications. Professional preparation of such applications minimises the risk of refusal as failure to disclose required information can potentially lead to a refusal.  

Family Reunion

We specialise in making family reunion applications. Spouses or civil partners of persons who are settled in the UK. These include Marriage or civil partnership breakdown; Polygamous marriages or civil partnerships; Spouses or civil partners of persons with limited leave; Fiancé’(e)s or proposed civil partners of persons who are settled; Non-marital relationships; Children; Parents, grandparents and other relatives.  

EEA Applications

EEA members and their family members have a right of free movement in the EEA Member States if they meet stipulated criteria. We can advise you and help you make an application ensuring and guiding you to meet the required criteria.  


We can represent you in detention cases, make bail applications and make application to the High Court (Judicial Review) for unlawful detention.

Human Rights

​We can assist client who have over-stayed in the UK to make efforts to regularise their immigration status.

Assessing and advising clients who have been in the UK illegally or have overstayed their leave.
Assessing client’s rights under the Human Rights Act.

Human Rights Applications Advising client’s rights and eligibility under the 10 years and 20 years rule
Challenging unlawful removal and deportation
Judicial Reviews to the High Court
Applications to the UKBA outside the Immigration Rules
EEA Applications
All Entry Clearance Applications
Family Reunion Applications
Sponsorship / Marriage visit applications
Medical treatment visit applications
Ministry of Religion Applications
Ancestry Visa Au Pairs
Sole Representative Visas
All extension or further leave to remain applications
Married & Unmarried partner concession applications and appeals
Students applications and appeals to the Tribunal
Travel Documents
Naturalisation Applications
Registration Applications
Asylum Preparing for Screening Interviews
Assisting clients in making asylum applications at the Asylum Screening Unit  
Assisting clients with comprehensive statement of claim
Preparing for substantive interviews
Discussing the contents of  Home Office decision
Submission of Appeal to the Tribunal
Case Management Hearings
Preparing witness statements
Representing Appeals at the Tribunal
Applications for permission to the Tribunal
Permission hearings at the Tribunal
Permission applications to the Court of Appeal
Permission hearings at the Court of Appeal
Challenging unlawful detention
Bail Applications
Challenging unlawful removal through Judicial Review to the High Court
Injunctions preventing unlawful removal from the UK
Human Rights Applications Fresh Asylum Applications Applications under legacy  


​We specialise in preparing and representing client in appeals against refusals of applications made inside or from outside the UK.   

Judicial Reviews

If you do not have a right of appeal and or have exhausted your appeal rights, you can have recourse to the High Court to challenge the decision.

Civil Matters

We deal with Debt recovery, Repossession, Contract law, Compromise (settlement) agreements, Compensation claims, Negligence claims, Personal Injury claims, Disputes between Landlord & Tenant and Issuing proceedings for possessions of premises.

Family Law

We are able to help with the Divorce, Matrimonial finance,  Financial matters/ Settlements and Wills and Probate.


Civil Claims
Legal Advice for Settlement Agreements  
Possession of property
Attestations (Oath Commissioners)
Power of Attorney
Deed of Change of Name
Family (Divorce)